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2017 Poetry Slam Results

This year LSD had enough HS students involved to make two POETRY SLAM teams! The only other school with two teams present was Baton Rouge Magnet High School. It allowed us to put more students in the limelight to share their experiences from a Deaf student's perspective, and they did just that, overcoming the nervousness of competing against all hearing schools, and presenting with such bravery and confidence when it came to sharing some of their personal feelings.

Each team had to create 4 poems for each of 2 bouts of competition, consisting of solo and/or group pieces, scored by a panel of judges between 0-10, with 10 being the best.

For our first bout, LSD TEAM GREEN had to compete against LSD TEAM WHITE and two other schools ... we were getting our feet/"hands" wet and landed with TEAM WHITE in 3rd place and TEAM GREEN in 4th place.
For the second bout, each LSD team was against 3 other school teams, and the confidence came out, landing us a solid 2nd place for each team, with some of the poems earning us 9.8's and two 10's

Only the top 4 schools with the highest scores advanced to the finals, along with the top scoring soloists form the teams that scored in 5th-12th place. While we didn't earn enough points to earn us the chance to compete at finals this year, we did receive this notice today:

LSD ALL-CITY POETRY SLAM FESTIVAL teams (both GREEN and WHITE) are being awarded the SPIRIT OF THE SLAM recognition for their display of school/team camaraderie and support (we had a large number of staff and parents present), overcoming emotions that many of their poems elicited, and shining in their desire to share their poems with others, "embodying the spirit of the festival"!

As recipients of that award, we will be featured honor poets at the GRAND SLAM FINALS, performing one of our group pieces!

The bouts themselves were free admission since the venue had been donated, but the GRAND SLAM FINALS will be held at the Manship Theatre, requiring an entrance fee:


Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online at MANSHIPTHEATRE.ORG ($5 for children 18 years old and under, $10 for adults), or at the door pending any available seats left.

We would love to have your support as we attend this event to perform and be recognized for this honor!