School Mission

A Learning community that is Student-oriented and Dedicated to excellence.    

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

LSD will continually work to ensure full communication access in all settings; to present instructional materials in a bi-lingual environment utilizing both American Sign Language (ASL) and English; to ensure that we are driven by research in best developmental practices for learners that are deaf and hard-of-hearing; to value and recognize the diverse language learning styles of our students; and to use advances in audiological and educational technology.

LSD strives to be an educational environment that encourages students to become literate/analytical thinkers; that encourages families to develop reciprocal communication with their child and to share in decision making about their child's education; that promotes teachers who are experts/specialists in language and literacy instruction and who reflect on their students' progress; that is led by an administration that supports and advocates for innovation, expansion of curricular and dormitory residency programs and over-all school improvement; with the full collaboration of the school's core stakeholders.